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director: Ani Vaseva
theory: Boyan Manchev
music: Christophe Petchanatz / Klimperei
apparatuses and digital programs: Stefan Donchev
costumes, concept: Ani Vaseva
costumes, making: Darina Stoimenova
knitted costumes: Ilga Medarska
video: Ivan Nikolov

with: Leonid Yovchev, Greta Gicheva, Katrin Metodieva, Monika Vakarelova, Elina Karastoyanova, Budin Karastoyanov and Diana.
Premiere - October 2020 

A Day That Has Everything

This could be a very ordinary day. A stretched, slow afternoon in which you can watch the play of lights and shadows, drink tea, read. It is also a day of miracles - a small event produces a series of unexpected events. And in these events the main thing is joy. The joy that you are able to feel the time passing, the joy that the world with its banality and brutality has temporarily withdrawn and the possibility of freedom, of carelessness, of play is opening. A day of carefreeness and depth, a day of lightness and seriousness. On such days it is wonderful to be alive.

"A day that has everything. A day when anything can happen" - this is how Boyan Manchev describes the perfect day. This is a day conatining an open opportunity. A day that has everything without being completed or finished, without being dead. A day when life feels completed without major cataclysms. A day of joy.

There is time full of many events, a time that flies away in a blink of the eye, a time when things pile on top of each other and you just sort of deal with them. And there is time allowing you to feel it, to think it. Slowly running time. Closed in itself time. Time without need for external stimuli, when the senses themselves sharpen and bristle, ready to take over the world. This time is enough, it has everything. Such moments are the morning moments of silence, when shadows move slowly along walls and floors. These are the afternoon moments of laziness, when joy and desire arise suddenly.

Theater is art of myths. One of the greatest myths in theater is that theater is based on conflict. However, theater has the freedom to be anything it desires, as long as those who desire it desire it strongly enough. And our desire is infinite, we are ready to follow it wherever it takes us. That is why we decided to make a theatrical performance not based on conflict, in which conflict is not a centripetal force, and if it exists at all, its function is secondary. There are no laws in art, because it is territory of freedom. We take full advantage of this freedom. And the marvelous, wonderful thing is that theater is still theater - some people do things on stage for other people and that can give pleasure to both parties. And we love pleasure. And theater.

A Day That Has Everything is a theatrical performance, specially created to be watched not live, but in video format. We decided not to just make a video recording of a performance, as the recordings of performances have more of an archival value: with the lack of live presence in the hall, at least half of the impact disappears. That's why A Day That Has Everything is designed to take full advantage of video media, instead of suffering from the shortcomings of a live performance that has to be watched on tape.

Ani Vaseva
A Day That Has Everything is part of the Ex corpore project, created with the support of Sofia Municipality, the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and Swimming Pool. It was part of the Legacy Programme of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019.

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